Microenterprise & Self Employment Assistance

S4E’s Microenterprise & Self Employment Support Team provide a unique program for empowering young people living with disability with the opportunity to own and run their own small business.  Until recently, if a young person with disability wanted to work, but was not ready to participate in mainstream employment they were left with the choice of joining a day program recreation service, or working in a segregated sheltered employment environment run by an ADE.  Now the NDIS has opened up supports in employment to include supports to family or self owned microbusiness.  You can now use your NDIS support funding for support in any type of business - not just an ADE!

S4E’s new Microenterprise support program has been established to provide self-employment opportunities and entrepreneurial capacity building for young people living with disability.  Our new program is uniquely designed using the principles which underpin the goals of the NDIS and individualised funding.  We aim to provide a range of entrepreneurial supports and learnings in in collaboration with the young person, their family and support networks to align our supports with their individual goals.

Se4’s business educators works with the young person guiding them through the roadmap to own and run a small business, a process that usually takes around 18 months – 2 years. During the program, all competencies of owning and running a small business are taught through a range of flexible teaching and learning,  including but not limited to theory, technology, work placement, mentoring, buddy programs etc.  

S4E's MicroEnterprise supports are accessed through your NDIS Plan funding using a range of SLES and CORE funding.

There are huge personal growth opportunities in leaning to own and operate your own business .  Running your own business builds your independence, resilience, resourcefulness and creativity just to name a few.  Consider the benefits you can get from self employment including the pride you can feel in providing a high standard of service or product.  Consider the boost in self work having your work contributions acknowledged and appreciated by customers, family, and community networks.   

In our daily lives we happily share a response to the common question “what do you to for work?” Our aim is to empower young people living with disability the same opportunity as everyone else - to answer the question “what do you do for work?” with “I own my own business!”.

Forth coming announcement - S4E have applied for funding to develop Australia's first Microbusiness Academy  - a nationally based mentorship program to assist young people with disability in establishing their own microbusinesses.   We hope to tell you more soon.