NDIS Plan Writing Advisory Service

Getting the right employment supports in your NDIS Plan is something you should definitely not overlook!  The NDIS commission Planners and Local Area Coordinators (LACs) to write and periodically review your NDIS Plan - the document which states the categories of support and levels of funding you are entitled to. Given the constantly changing NDIS environment, it is not surprising that Planners and LACs do not always have a full understanding of the latest employment supports and funding available for young people with disability. Unfortunately, Planners and LACs may even overlook employment entirely -  restricting what funded supports you can access.  Without the right advice, you may not be sure what is available to you, or what you are entitled to.  

S4E's Team of experienced consultants have expert knowledge in the Plan writing and review process.  S4E's Plan Writing Advisory Services understand employment supports.  We are familiar with all the latest NDIS employment initiatives and can help you get the best out of them.  

S4E can help you with effective steps in preparing for your Plan, including:

  • Making sure employment is a part of your pre-planning conversations,
  • Exploring employment options to ensure they are in your Plan and if they will work and assist you to develop employment specific goal/s,
  • Ensuring you as the participant is aware of the employment options available to through the NDIS and mainstream services, such as:
    • Skills development and job counselling,
    • Supported employment,
    • Supports in microbusiness and self employment,
    • School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES),
  • Ensuring you have employment resources close at hand to help you answer questions the Planner/LAC’s might have,
  • Preparing you with your own employment specific information, including factsheets and newsletter articles where appropriate.

S4E’s consultants can assist you with providing you with the information, education and advocacy that can assist with closing the employment gap.

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